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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2005|11:10 am]
[mood |drainedhungover]
[music |"Take my Breath Away"-Copeland]

Well look at this, after four months, I'm deciding to update!!

Life is so incredible right now (knock on wood), I can't remember the last time I've been this happy for so long! Maybe it's me being up at school that makes me smile, or my incredible and amazing friends, softball, my classes going well..but it's something! :-)

So this girl is a sorority girl now, and I LOVE IT!! I love my Gammie girls, and I never thought in a million years I'd pledge a sorority, but I'm so happy that I'm going through it right now. All the sororities have so much to offer, it was a tough decision!

My class load is pretty busy, I'm taking Intro to Psych, Human Phys II, Athletic Training, Intro to Mass Communications, and Therapeutic Modalities. Phys and Psych are definitely kicking me in the ass, but not as bad as I thought they were going to!

Fall ball just ended last week, which kinda sucks because I love going to practice and being with my teammates, but it's nice now to really concentrate on my grades and schoolwork. Fall break is in two weeks, I'm SO pumped, because I'll be home in the new house finally, and I can DRIVE! Yeah, those of you who didn't know, Bogie finally got her license this summer, lol.

The boy situation actually isn't bad, things are slowly starting to progress with a certain someone, but when I say slowly..I mean sloooowwwwly, but, it's better than no progressing at all, right?

And as a side note, the freshmen girls here are REDICULOUS. Holllllly crap, can we say...immature, slutty, cocky, and just plain dumb? I am SO glad that our class isn't like that at all!

Toga + Foam party last night = the BEST night ever so far!

I'll hopefully be better at updating this, but not gonna lie, I probably won't for a while again, lol.
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6 Favorite Songs! [Jun. 12th, 2005|02:28 pm]
[mood |nauseatedBad Headache!]
[music |"More Than Fine"-Switchfoot]

I was tagged by Nic!! :o)

Six of my favorite songs and why (trust me, I have a lot more than six!):

1. "On the Way Down"-Ryan Cabrera:  I love R.C. and his music, but this song just has a lot of meaning behind it, and reminds me of my friends.  If I'm falling or am at a low point in my life, I know I can hold onto my friends to lift me back up because they love me, and because I love them!

2.  "Be the Girl"-Aslyn:  Once again, I just LOVE her music, but it's a great song about how I'm not the type of girl that's going to just be pushed to the side and forgot about, and how I think I, and all girls deserve to show who they really are.

3.  "More Than Anyone"-Gavin DeGraw: Reminds me of how at school, and home, I'm usually just "one of the guys" or just always a friend, and I want to prove that I can be more than that.

4.  "This is Your Life"-Switchfoot: All of Switchfoot's songs are favorites of mine, but the title pretty much explains it.  We all have our own lives, we can't do anything about yesterday, we have no idea what will happen tomorrow, so we need to live each day as the people we want to be.

5.  "Because of You"-Kelly Clarkson: This song is perfect for how I usually am very reserved, and don't open up to people very easily and I have a hard time trusting people because of people that have hurt me in the past, if it was a friend, a guy, and especially my dad.

6.  "When the Sand Runs Out"-Rascal Flatts: After Keith's sudden death, this song reminded me of how Keith lived his life, with no regrets.  He loved with all of his heart, and was just an incredible person, and I realized that I was the opposite.  We never know when our lives will be over, and I pray that none of ours are cut short like Keith's-so I want to move on with my life, and somehow make my mark on the world. 

Sweet man!  Here's the six people I'm tagging:

  1. Murph
  2. Kimmay
  3. Lauren
  4. Katie C.!
  5. Kim
  6. Janie
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Good day :o) [Jun. 7th, 2005|01:54 am]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |"A Lil' Bit"-50 Cent]

Today was definitely a good day, I've been having a lot of those lately!

Last night is a completely different story, ugh..I need to lose the beer goggles, but I've made a deal with Heather & Andrea, so I think I will be be in good hands now whenever I go to a party.

Went up to Lamphere w/Murph today..it's kinda sad, not being at Lamphere in a way. I realize how much I miss some of the teachers everytime I go back there, especially Mr. Milch, Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Tank, Green, Mr. King & Sicken, & Mrs. Bontamasi.

After that, went up to Oakland with her and Chelsea, had Subway :o) and walked around in search of Murph's pimped out Air Force Ones that are so HOT and so Murphy Lee. Mom met me at American Eagle, and bought me a new outfit and sunglasses!! :o)

Why a new outfit you ask??? Because this girl is going on a date with a certain Colin she met on Saturday!! Let me remind everyone of how loser-ish I am, and that this is my first ever "date," so I'm beyond excited!

Gotta remember to register for my summer class tomorrow..maybe do some job hunting or something..any ideas? Especially maybe jobs in the medical field?

Woo for the Pistons winning!!! :O)
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2005|03:28 am]
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |"Incomplete"-BSB]

Hello Live Journal, this is Melissa Boguslawski, Amy George, and Gabrielle Griffey.

Gabby & Amy are sitting in my living room being sweet, as we eat free taco bell and diet coke, eating muchies, munchos, and watching the backstreet boys get back together on TV.

At the party we went to tonight with my sweetest twin ever ANDREA, Amy & Gabby plotted a girls death with a tomahawk, as I met yet another Colin (that makes four). We took many pictures which you can look at by going to the Pictures! link in my AIM profile! The party was f'ing sweet, Andrea and I met up with Amy & Gab at Coney, which was PERFECT timing, because we're so sweet.

We just finished eating our free Caramel Apple Empanadas from Taco Bell, because our buddy was working, and because we're hot like that.

Amy saw a friend at the party who also goes to State, who she hasn't seen in three years at Drum Major Camp!

There were just LOTS of cute boys there.

Gabby was just sweet, like she always is..because hey, she's Gabby. Yeah man.

We all <3 DIET COKE, especially when in it's free.

I take too many pictures, and we're watching DARIA right now, yeah..sweet right?

I'm going to see Gavin DeGraw & Howie Day next month!!!!! :o)

Okay..that's all for now.
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(no subject) [May. 26th, 2005|10:42 am]
[mood |enviousHungover]
[music |"American Idiot"-Green Day]

Dear God,

Hi, it's me. I just wanted to ask a favor of you. If I ever am even in the vacinity of alcohol, please strike me with lighting. Thank you.

Love, Melissa
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Meet Harold!! [May. 24th, 2005|02:18 pm]
[mood |indifferentindifferent]
[music |"Sooner or Later"-Michael Tolcher]

my pet!

Thanks for the idea Nic! :o)
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Two more days!! [May. 24th, 2005|08:54 am]

Two more days and I'll finally be home for the summer, it's such a great feeling!  I can't wait to be home with everyone, and after these past few weeks, I'm ready to get away from here, away from all the drama and bullshit.  It's nice being one of the few knowing I have friends back home that I can't wait to see..when some people want to just stay here because the people here are all they have.  Yeah, I'm definitely going to miss it here for the summer, but, it's definitely time for a break.  Goin' balls out tonight and tomorrow though, and partyin' like it's the end of the f'ing world man!! :o)

Nationals ended up going fairly well, considering we finished 8th last year, and finished fifth this year!  5th in the nation..that's just awesome typing, and saying that I'm a part of a team that's the fifth best in the country, out of all the division 3 colleges out there!  One of the schools down there had a mascot called the Ephes..which is a purple cow...lol, that'd be SWEET to be a purple cow!  We're supposed to have our annual softball End of the World party tonight, but considering T & Butler already had to move out of their house....no idea where it's going to be..but that's definitely going to be AMAZING, and I will be fwasted (yes..I said fwasted). 

I think Sami could sum up my entire situation with him with what she asked me last night after I told her we talked every night while I was in North Carolina & when he called to see how I was..."is he in love with you yet??"  I really wish I knew...we've been in that "talking" process for like, a year almost..that's how long I've been falling for him, and now that he's available, I'm definitely not jumping the gun like I should..but then there's someone else, who I wish I could see...especially since he's one reason why the last few weeks before everyone left were so great, and I'm kicking myself in the ass everyday because I waited so long to get to know him like I do now.

So, I'll leave with a picture from Nationals..mind you this is after we were all done crying, so it might not be the most attractive one!


NCAA D3 Softball World SeriesCollapse )

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(no subject) [May. 23rd, 2005|11:49 pm]
[mood |blahblah]
[music |"Dude Looks Like a Lady"-Aerosmith]

[ ] I am bisexual or homosexual.
[x] I've consumed alcohol.
[ ] I've run away from home.
[x] I have lied to my parents about where I am.
[ ] I don't like Bush because from what I hear, he is dumb.
[x] I don't like Bush with my own reasons to back it up.
[ ] I am for Bush.
[ ] I listen to political music.
[ ] I collect comic books.
[x] I shut others out when I'm depressed.
[ ] I open up to others easily.
[ ] I am keeping a secret from the world.
[x] I watch the news.
[x] I own over 5 rap CDs. (burned of course, lol)
[ ] I own an iPod or MP3 player.
[x] I own something from Hot Topic. Hugs Not Drugs T-Shirt! lol
[x] I love Disney Movies.
[x] I am a sucker for hair/eyes
[ ] I don't kill bugs.
[x] I curse regularly.
[x] I paid for that cell phone ring.
[x] I am a sports fanatic.
[ ] I have "x"s in my screen name.
[x]I've slipped out an "lol" in a real conversation.
[ ] I love Spam.
[ ] I bake well.
[x] I would wear pajamas to school.
[x] I own something from Abercrombie.
[x] I have a job.
[ ] I love Martha Stewart
[x] I am in love with love.
[ ] I am guilty oF tYpInG lIkE tHiS
[x] I am self conscious.
[x] I like to laugh.
[ ] I smoke a pack a day.
[x] I loved Perks of Being a Wallflower.
[ ] I loved Go Ask Alice.
[ ] I have cough drops when I'm not sick.
[ ] I can't swallow pills.
[x] I can swallow about 5 pills at a time no problem
[ ] I eat fast food weekly.
[x] I have many scars.
[x] I've been out of this country.
[x] I can't sleep if there is a spider in the room.
[x] I am really ticklish.
[ ] I see a therapist.
[x] I love chocolate.
[x] I bite my nails.
[x] I am comfortable with being me.
[x] I play video games.
[ ] I'm single.
[ ] I'm in a relationship.
[ ] Gotten lost in your city.
[x] Saw a shooting star.
[x] Been to any other countries besides the united states.
[x] I Had a serious Surgery.
[x] Gone out in public in your pajamas.
[x] I have Kissed a Stranger.
[x] Hugged a stranger.
[x] Been in a fist fight.
[ ] Been arrested.
[ ] Pushed all the buttons on an elevator.
[ ] Made out in an elevator.
[x] Swore at your parents.
[ ]Kicked a guy where it hurts.
[x] Been to a casino.
[ ] Been skydiving.
[x] Broken a bone.
[x] Skipped school.
[x] Flashed someone.
[x] Saw a therapist.
[x] Done the splits.
[x] Met someone famous.
[x] Gotten stitches.
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Alma Softball: 2005 Regional Champions!! [May. 15th, 2005|05:29 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

2005 Regional Champs!Collapse )

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(no subject) [May. 12th, 2005|08:21 pm]
[mood |coldcold]
[music |"More Than Anyone"-Gavin DeGraw]

The Keys to Your Heart

You are attracted to those who are unbridled, untrammeled, and free.

In love, you feel the most alive when your partner is patient and never willing to give up on you.

You'd like to your lover to think you are optimistic and happy.

You would be forced to break up with someone who was insecure and in constant need of reassurance.

Your ideal relationship is open. Both of you can talk about everything... no secrets.

Your risk of cheating is zero. You care about society and morality. You would never break a commitment.

You think of marriage as something precious. You'll treasure marriage and treat it as sacred.

In this moment, you think of love as something you thirst for. You'll do anything for love, but you won't fall for it easily.

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